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Our story

We often overlook old run down farm homes, you know the ones..... those that have been taken over by squirrels, raccoons, and mice. It's so easy to say "tear it down" and make plans to build that perfect Pinterest idea home you've always dreamt of building, but that wouldn't be who we are.

Who are we? We are Grassroots Vintage Events.

We started this company with an idea in mind to refurbish the thrown out vintage pieces that were torn, tattered, broken, and under appreciated. We give them love, we take into consideration the story behind it, we make them pretty again. Our vintage rentals allow us to share these great vintage finds so they get put to good use once again. Let's face it though, it's breathtaking to see a vintage velvet settee placed in front of a tall grassy field. 

Keeping our dedication for repurposing vintage finds, we realized that this old farmhouse was our next project.

We believe in the farmhouse concept. We are drawn towards the idea of intimate gatherings, simplicity of style, and mindful placement of things. The farmhouse represents an authentic family lifestyle, a well loved place, an honest living. We've incorporated these values in our remodeling of the old farmhouse and hope that these values translate into every event hosted here. We wanted this home to welcome you, your family and your friends with open arms. We hope that you see that our work here is an on going process, learning new trades as we go and implementing creative ideas. With it's clean crisp white interior of shiplap, oversized paneling and exposed trusses, we created a blank space....

the perfect backdrop to any style or theme of event or wedding. 

We are Chris & Miki Tucker

owners of the farmhouse, caretakers of the farm, vintage finds collectors, creative makers, bee keepers,

alpaca lovers, chicken wranglers, dreamers, gardeners, busy parents, and free spirits. 

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